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Moisture Infused

Moisture Infused

How do you help keep eyes feeling fresh all day when wearing contact lenses? 

The scientists of ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses looked to the natural eye and the tear film for inspiration.
To simulate certain tear film components and their function, ACUVUE® scientists incorporated PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone), a proprietary hydrating agent, into contact lenses.

This EYE-INSPIRED™ Innovation—called Moisture-Infused for Hydration—mimics key functions of the tear film, interacting with tear film components throughout the wear cycle. This helps provide hydration at the surface and throughout the lens during and in between blinks. 

While other contact lens manufacturers use a coating of moisture or form a low molecular weight n-vinylpyrolidone co-polymer only ACUVUE®’s leading contact lenses are embedded with high-molecular-weight PVP throughout the lens matrix. This helps maintain moisture for eyes that feel fresh all day—and offers wearers an exceptional lens-wearing experience. 
Every eye is different. We’re inspired by them all.