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Online Learning & Events

Expand your and your staff's knowledge with on-demand learning and Surgical clinical training and certifications, brought to you by the Johnson & Johnson Institute.

Foundational Courses

This course introduces the different types of contact lenses, what materials they are made out of, how they are worn and methods of manufacturing. This foundational knowledge can aid in future discussions with patients.

Astigmatism causes visual challenges that many patients struggle with. In this course, you will gain a foundational knowledge of astigmatism to better understand the needs of your patients.

Contact lenses can offer more than just vision correction—they can transform patients’ lives. Learn more about the key attributes of contact lenses and why patients truly want to wear them.

Dry Eye Courses

In this course you will learn about dry eye disease, including its clinical definition, causes, symptoms and the two major classifications of dry eye. You will also learn about the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye.