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Practice Building Tips

Browse information on patient insights to enhance our understanding and interactions.

Build continued trust with your patients. Being an Authorized Partner has its benefits.

Learn about the benefits of purchasing an annual supply of contact lenses.

An engaged patient is a healthy patient. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tool to drive traffic to your website via web searches made by the user. 

Your website helps patients gain information, learn about your team, and get a feel for your practice before they ever step foot in your office. 

Email is a powerful marketing tool used before and after patient appointments, helping to both acquire and retain your patients. 

Your patient relationships begin in your office, face-to-face, and social media can continue to build these relationships outside your office. 

Referrals are your most trusted form of advertising. Make the most of referrals.

Start looking at building a strategic digital plan that will strengthen your relationships.