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What if you could change how patients see the world?

Only ACUVUE® brings you EYE-INSPIRED™

Innovations for an extraordinary contact lens experience

Our scientists combined intelligence about patient needs with more than 30 years of research to develop a deep, clinical understanding of the eye. The result is our suite of EYE-INSPIRED™ Innovations, contact lens advancements that span our entire portfolio and work in harmony with the natural eye.

Every eye is different. We're inspired by them all.

See how EYE-INSPIRED™ Innovations—only from ACUVUE®—work

For Multifocal Vision

Offers 183 specific optical designs to easily fit patients with pupil sizes that vary across age and distance/near refractive needs

For Comfort

Provides a consistently thin edge contour to help conform to the natural shape of the eye and minimize lid interaction

For Astigmatism

Works naturally with the eyelids and harnesses the power of the blink to help keep the lens in the correct position—for consistent, clear, stable vision

For Eye Health

Helps protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays

For Hydration

Mimics key functions of the tear film, providing moisture at the surface and throughout the lens—to help keep eyes feeling fresh all day

To Support Comfort

Exhibited more than 4X the antioxidant capacity of vitamin E in a laboratory study

Whatever your patient need, we have the right product.

Support for Eyes with Sensitivities
These lenses are designed for patient prone to sensitivity, irritation or allergies. By keeping moisture in and irritation out, they are designed to help with comfort.
Performance in Challenging Environments
For some patients, the environment places added stress on their eyes. From a long day spent in front of digital devices to exposure to dry or dusty conditions. These contact lenses were created to help keep comfort going all day long.
Eye Enhancement
For your patients that want to amp up the natural beauty of their eye, we’ve developed lenses that add definition and brightness to the eye. They bring sparkle and shine without giving up on comfort.
Maximized Wear
These lenses can keep up with long hours. They provide minimal lens awareness – whether for long days or throughout the month.