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Website FAQs

What is new about this website?

We’ve changed more than just our look. We are changing how we do business with you. We want to make things as easy as possible for you and that includes working with Johnson & Johnson Vision. On our new site you can order products, take training courses and find all the latest product information all in one spot! We believe your time is valuable and want to provide you with the most relevant information right at your fingertips.

How can staff be added to a practice?

The site administrator can add staff to the practice and provide privileges for things such as ordering. Visit the My Practice section and select MyTeam. There you can manage all members associated with your practice.

What browsers does the site support?


  • Chrome - latest version (Chrome does automatic upgrades)
  • Safari - latest version (v11)
  • IE - version 11+
  • Firefox - latest version (Firefox does automatic upgrades)

Mobile & Tablet:

  • iOS 10+ - Safari browser
  • Android 5, 6 and 7+ - Chrome browser
What is “Find an Eye Care Professional Map”?

On our patient facing site,, consumers can look up and find Eye Care Professionals located near them. By becoming an ACUVUE® Authorized Partner, your information will be placed on the consumer site for patients near you to find.

How can permission levels be set?

If you are the site administrator, you can set permissions in the “My Practice” section. Simply select “My Team” and click on the icon next to the person’s name. You will then be able to set the permissions for that individual.

What can the site administrator do on the site?

The site administrator has full access to the site which includes approving requests to be connected to the practice and access to full ordering privileges if the practice has these abilities.

I work in multiple practices. How can I be tied to all of my practices?

Not a problem! When you register, simply place in your account number for one of the practices. Once registered on the site, you can visit “Practice Details” located in the “My Practice” section. Here you can link additional practices. You can also switch between the accounts to which you are linked.

I was asked the following question. “I agree that the person in charge of my practice has access to my training list.” What does this mean?

There is a lot of great education on the site that includes online training courses. By answering this question, you allow your practice Eye Care Professional or practice site administrator to see which trainings you have taken or are currently taking.