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ACUVUE™ RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution


NEW to the ACUVUE® Family—ACUVUE™ RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution (MPDS)

The right contact lens solution can make a difference in your patients’ lens wear experience

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS disinfects like a peroxide with the simplicity and comfort of a multi-purpose solution.1-4 With ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS, you can be assured that your patients will experience exceptional disinfection and all-day comfort.1-5

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS delivers:

  • Broad-spectrum disinfection against FDA/ISO standard-panel microorganisms, comparable to peroxide systems1,2,6
  • Greater than 99.9% kill-rate against both forms of Acanthamoeba (in vitro) 2,6
  • Lens comfort that lasts all day5
  • Great match with leading contact lenses, including ACUVUE® Contact Lenses7

Recommend ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS to all your reusable contact lens wearers with confidence—especially to those who use the ACUVUE® Brand.7

About ACUVUETM RevitaLens MPDS


ACUVUE RevitaLens MPDS killed the Acanthamoeba trophozites—delivering peroxide-quality disinfection (in vitro)*4

6 hours live-cell Imaging of Acanthamoeba castellanii trophozoites4


*In an in vitro study between competitive brands and ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS, a time-lapse study was developed to accurately document the time course for eradication of Acanthamoeba castellanii trophozoites. The novel live-cell imaging methodology visually demonstrates the efficacy of each of the contact lens solutions in eradicating Acanthamoeba castellanii trophozoites. There is no standardized method for testing the efficacy of lens care solutions against Acanthamoeba.

Protection for Your Patients

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS provides sustained antimicrobial activity in the lens case—even after partial evaporation.3 And while it is effective at killing germs and bacteria, it is also gentle on the eye.8-10 Compared with a leading MPDS brand, ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS demonstrated:

  • 3x lower rate of solution-induced corneal staining9
  • 4x lower incidence of adverse events10

Comfort for Your Patients

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS delivers the all-day comfort your patients need.5

  • 90% of patients agree that ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS was effective in keeping their contact lenses feeling comfortable11
  • Nearly 94% of patients found ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS effective in keeping their contact lenses feeling clean11

A tried and tested combination you and your patients can rely on7

Offering a compatible lens solution is an important part of caring for your contact lens patients.7 In clinical studies, the combination of ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS and ACUVUE® Contact Lenses resulted in:

  • All-day comfort7
  • Healthy ocular physiology7,9
  • No ocular adverse events7,10

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS is a sterile, buffered aqueous solution with alexidine dihydrochloride 0.00016% and polyquaternium-1 0.0003% as preservatives/disinfectants, boric acid, sodium borate, TETRONIC 904, edetate disodium, sodium chloride and purified water.

Important Safety Information

ACUVUE™ RevitaLens Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution is indicated for the care of soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. Use this product, as recommended by your eye care professional, to disinfect, clean, rinse, store, remove protein and condition your lenses. If you are allergic to any ingredient in ACUVUE™ RevitaLens MPDS do not use this product. Problems with contact lenses and lens care products could result in corneal infection and/or ulcers and lead to loss of vision. It is essential that you follow your eye care professional’s directions and all labeling instructions for proper use of lenses and lens care products, including the lens case.


How to Order

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