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Patient Communication

Connecting with your Patients

Published on Nov 6, 2017
2 Minutes Read

Communication is key in eye care. Your patients look to you for your opinions and recommendations, and showing your investment in helping them will increase their trust even more. Good communication can also help you get the information you need to achieve the best clinical outcomes for your patients and be more efficient in your appointments.  

For patients, their eye care experience starts the moment they book their appointment and continues until they receive their contact lenses. And every moment in between is an important touchpoint that can impact your patient’s experience. 

Below are a few tips for enhancing communication with your patients.

Stay Focused

When you focus completely on your patient they know it. During every appointment, be sure to be proactive and inquisitive about your patient’s mindset and eye care experiences. 

Think People First

The more you can think about each patient as an individual, the more individualized treatment you’ll be able to give them and the more likely they’ll be to open up to you about their needs.  

Build a Partnership

Once you’ve set the foundation for a good relationship with your patient, it’s important to treat them as a partner in their eye care process. By discussing your patients’ needs, hesitations, and goals together, they will feel more empowered to try new things—especially knowing you’ve got their back.