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Technologies and Performance

EYE-INSPIRED™ Innovations

The contact lens industry is in jeopardy of becoming transactional and commoditized, putting patients’ eye health and contact lens experience at increased risk. At Johnson & Johnson, we’ve already begun our journey to reverse this trend by putting the patient and the Eye Care Professional at the centre of the design and selection process through a personalized approach.


  • Considers patient needs that go beyond vision, comfort and health
  • Combines our knowledge of eye anatomy and physiology with our deep understanding of patient lifestyles to help you select the right ACUVUE® lens from the start
  • Helps switch the conversation from primarily price and modality, to eye anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle which can help elevate long-term outcomes for the patient.

Technology Behind the Lens

EYE-INSPIREDTM INNOVATIONS from ACUVUE® help you bring a more personalized experience with your patients—and changes how they see their world. That’s because every ACUVUE® lens is inspired by and works with the natural eye, coupled with a deep understanding of vision care patients and their challenges. Every eye is different. We’re inspired by them all.