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Technologies and Performance

ACUVUE OASYS® 1-Day Market Research

Published on Nov 7, 2017
7 Minutes Read

At Johnson & Johnson, we know contact lens wearers have incredibly demanding days. To see just how demanding, we developed a robust and unique research study to understand what happens to a consumer from insertion to removal. 


6 out of 10 of all contact lens wearers experience a decline in performance throughout the day

  • Drivers:
    • Number of activities throughout the day
      • More activities meant a greater likelihood of decline
    • Switching between environments
      • Key indicator participant was likely to have a declining experience
  • Other findings:
    • “Tired eyes” was the number one reported description of how their eyes were feeling
  • Key takeaway:
    • If you’re talking to your patients and they describe having very active days in which they switch between multiple environments, and also report having “tired eyes,” you can conclude that they’re in the substantial decliner group of contact lens wearers


  • Full-time contact lens wearers
  • Using smart phone technology, participants were sent a micro survey every two hours
  • Participants would check in and report:
    • How they were feeling
    • How their lenses were feeling
    • What they were doing
    • Where they were